He would like to see who dares to change the house he had promised into a mere 500,000 yuan under his eyes, and then change the three houses into cash! The author has something to say: This article is relatively long, we do not rush to attack God horse, the total will come ~ 42 42, Chapter 42.. “Hello, brother.” Jane Suilin’s young and bright voice came from the other end of the phone. Where are you now? “I’m at school.” “Come to the company right away.” “Huh?”? Now? I have a class later. “Right now, now, come to the company.” He hung up the phone and waited for Chien Sui-lin in the company. About forty minutes later, he came in wrapped in a thick overcoat, bringing a room full of cold air. As he took off his scarf, he said, “Brother, what’s so urgent?” Chien Sui-ying slapped the transfer materials on the table for the first time and shouted, “See for yourself!” Chien Sui-lin picked up the information doubtfully, turned over a few pages, and his face changed greatly. “This.” Jane Suiying stared at him, “What’s going on? Tell me the whole story!” Chien Sui-lin said in a deep voice, “Brother,jujube seed powder, these..” I don’t know “You don’t know!” Chien Sui-ying stood up, shaking his hand is a slap in the face, “you don’t know a ***ing thing. Here we go! This matter was handed over to you at the beginning. You did this for me. Three houses were gone. The matter was not done, and the money went into other people’s pockets. Tell me the ***, did you and Bai Xinyu swallow it together? “No!” Jian Suilin covered his face and looked at him with grievance. “Brother, didn’t you ask Brother Yu to help you at that time? After he helped Director Fan finish that, he took away the other three sets of information and said it was very simple. He could handle it by himself. I,lutein eye complex, I told you at that time..” “I was so busy that I didn’t have time to take care of you.”. You’re in charge of such a simple thing, but you can’t even control the risk. What the *** else can you do? I always wanted to follow him, but he didn’t listen to me at all, and I couldn’t blame him. And when he contacted Director Zhao and his relatives, I went with him. I thought he was going to do this. Who knows that now it has been transferred to an unknown person. I, I contacted their relatives afterwards and asked if it was done, and they all said it was done, so I didn’t think of it at all. “He didn’t do it well. He gave each of the three men half a million yuan and sold the three houses!” Chien Sui-lin was livid. “Brother, are you sure?”? Did you get in touch with Brother Yu? “Things are so obvious, I don’t need to contact to know that this boy is absolutely hiding, I want to find out now, do you have a foot in this?” Jane Suiying squinted at her half-brother, her eyes full of scrutiny and doubt. Chien Sui-lin’s eyes were slightly red. “Brother,” he sobbed, akba boswellic acid ,phycocyanin spirulina, “we are a family. How could I do such a thing?” Jane Sui Ying glared at him mercilessly, dialed Bai Xinyu’s cell phone in front of him, and sure enough, it was turned off. He dialed his aunt’s phone again. After a while, his aunt’s voice sounded jubilant, “Hey, Sui Ying.” “Aunt, I can’t get in touch with Bai Xinyu. Do you know where he went?” “Where did he go to Australia? He said it was warm there.” “Chien Sui-ying gave a sneer, and as he had expected, she ran away.” Do you know his number? “I know. I’ll look for it for you.” There came the sound of rummaging. His aunt asked casually, “Sui Ying, why are you looking for him?” Jane Suiying was silent for a few seconds, not knowing how to open her mouth. His aunt laughed and said, “Is it a matter of business? Oh, good.”. Our Xiaoyu has been promising recently, and he finally makes money. You don’t know that you bought your uncle a set of golf clubs worth more than 100,000 yuan some time ago, which made us both very happy. The key is not whether things are expensive or cheap. First of all, he has the ability, and then he has the filial piety. Sui Ying, thanks to you, otherwise he wouldn’t know where to fool around.
” Chien Sui-ying felt a burst of pain in her heart, and what she wanted to say was stuck in her throat, and she could not say it. His aunt had a bad heart and couldn’t stand the stimulation. He really couldn’t tell her that her son was greedy for his three houses and ran away. He was afraid that her aunt would die of anger. Hey, I found it. I’ll send you a message. “Good..” Hung up the phone, Jane Sui Ying some tired sitting in a chair, head down, gently closed his eyes. After a while, the text message rang and he received the international number. Jane Sui Ying threw her cell phone aside and looked at Jane Sui Lin, who dared not come out of the atmosphere. “This matter is not allowed to be known by the fourth person.” Chien Sui-lin quickly nodded. I’ll look into it. Jian Sui Lin buried his head lower and lower. If I know that you and Bai Xinyu are playing tricks on me, Jane Sui Lin, I will never let you get into Jane’s house again. Jian Suilin still lowered his head and could not see his expression clearly. Chien Sui-ying was still angry and shook off her hand. “Get out of here.” After Xiao Linzi left, Chien Sui-ying smoked several cigarettes. He is also recently everything is not going well, where Li Yu hit a big snag, and was his own cousin to the pit. Running such a company, worrying about this and that all day long, sometimes he really wants to quit and go around the world with a beautiful little man. But this kind of angry idea, after all, can only be thought about, slow down or have to deal with a pile of business. Sometimes he feels very lonely. He is not close to his father. They are busy with their own things and seldom communicate with each other. There is no one around him who can help him. If something happens, he can’t rely on anyone, and he doesn’t want to rely on anyone. It’s tiring to think about it. Jane Suiying was upset and had no mood to stay in the office at all. She turned over the phone book and found Xiao Zhu’s phone number and made an appointment with him at the hotel. He has been looking for Xiaozhu every three or five times recently. He felt that the child was not bad, although his skills were a little poor and his head was a little blunt,pumpkin seed extract, but he could teach and learn. The key is that he doesn’t do much. If you give him something, he will accept it. If you don’t give him something, he will never say much.

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