“I knew about it half a month ago,” said Liang Fang’e. “Why don’t you ask the Sect Leader to get rid of him?” Asked Lin yuansheng. “I just need someone like that to pass on the information for me,” said Liang Fang’e. “Why?” Asked Lin yuansheng. Liang Fang’e said, “This is the so-called wonderful use of force. Let me give you an example. Yesterday I sent Master Wu and Master Duan to come here in the fifth watch to investigate the enemy’s situation. He must have informed the nine sects of this matter, but we came in the second watch and cancelled the task of the two masters halfway.” “In this way, the nine sects not only have no interests, but also are so suspicious and busy that they even misjudge the enemy’s situation and suffer from it.” Lin yuansheng nodded and said, “That’s right.” “If you’re not careful,” said Liu Yuyao, “if he gets your exact action, you’ll also suffer.” “Of course,” said Liang Fang’e. “Thank you for the hint.” Without saying anything more, Liu Yuyao pulled away and walked away with Bai Ziyan. “When Liang Fang’e saw that the two of them had gone far away, she said,” She’s a good character, but she’s too arrogant. Humph! ” Lin yuan-sheng spread out his hands. With a deep sigh, he said, “She can’t beat you. You have to be more generous. You can’t have the same experience as her.” Liang Fang’e sneered, “Do you want to marry her back?”? She is infatuated with you. “Don’t talk nonsense,” said Lin yuansheng. After a pause, he grinned and said, “I’m satisfied with you, Chang’e.” Liang Fang’e said with a sneer,plastic cosmetic tubes, “Don’t give me the soup. I don’t believe your lies.” Lin yuansheng said with a smile, “As the saying goes, ‘a prime minister can push a boat in his stomach.’ If you are willing to open the door of convenience, the more I have, the better.” Liang Fang’e approached Lin yuansheng and said, “Let’s go!” When Lin yuansheng was not paying attention, he gave Lin yuansheng a hard pinch on his thigh, which made Lin yuansheng jump up as high as if he had lost a piece of meat and float ten feet away. Liang Fang’e smiled coldly and said,cosmetic tube packaging, “Do you dare to be naughty?” Lin yuansheng took off his Taoist robe, rolled up his trousers, and saw that it was black. He shook his head and said with a sigh, “Alas!”! You are a Tigress. Liang Fang’e also took off her Taoist robe and said, “Hide this Taoist robe so that no one will suspect you.” He took Lin yuansheng’s Taoist robe and stuffed it into an empty tomb. When they returned to the Chenghuang Temple, it was already the fourth watch. Lin yuansheng hung on Ling Wangzhi and got up at daybreak and quietly came to Wu Weifei’s room. “As soon as Wu Weifei, the God of wine-fighting, got up, he said,” You got up early. “Grandpa Wu,” said Lin yuansheng, “do you know where Liu Yuyao lives?” “Why are you looking for her at the Yuelai Inn in town?” Asked Wu Weifei, the God of wine-fighting. “Ask about my uncle,” said Lin yuansheng. “Go ahead,” said Wu Weifei, the wine-fighting God. Lin yuansheng took his leave and turned around, empty lotion tubes ,empty cosmetic tubes, but as soon as he turned around, he saw Liang Fang’e standing in the doorway. “You can only ask about your uncle,” he said coldly. “You’re not allowed to talk about anything else.” Lin yuansheng wanted not to let Liang Fang’e know, but he didn’t want her to get up so early. He smiled awkwardly and hurried away. Arriving at the Yuelai Inn, Liu Yuyao and Bai Ziyan still did not get up. He tapped on the door and said, “I’m Lin yuansheng. Have you got up yet?” “Come in,” said Liu Yuyao. “No, slow down,” said Bai Ziyan. Then Liu Yuyao said, “I’m not afraid of you, but I’m afraid of him. You’re his wife.” Obviously, the two girls are still not dressed. When Lin yuansheng heard this, he blushed and said, “Never mind. I’ll wait at the door for a while.” “What are you doing here so early in the morning?” Asked Liu Yuyao. “Let me ask about my uncle,” said Lin yuansheng. He stood in front of the door and waited for half a cup of tea before he heard Bai Ziyan say, “Come in.” Lin yuansheng pushed the door into the room and saw that the two girls were dressed neatly and the clothes in the room were arranged in an orderly manner. Bai Ziyan blushed, moved a chair for Lin yuansheng to sit on, and poured him a cup of warm tea. Lin yuansheng took a sip of tea and said, “Did you catch up with your uncle that day?” “I’ve caught up,” said Bai Ziyan.
” “What’s going on?” Asked Lin yuansheng. “Sometimes I cry and sometimes I laugh,” said Bai Yingyan. “Sometimes I sit and think. He doesn’t know what to ask. If I give him something to eat, he will eat it. If I don’t give him something to eat, he won’t say he’s hungry. It’s really worrying.” “Where are you now?” Asked Lin yuansheng. “Elder Martial Brother took him back to Mount Heng,” said Bai Ziyan. “Alas,” said Lin yuansheng! I don’t know if it can be cured. “It’s not difficult to cure him,” said Liu Yuyao. “How to cure it?” Asked Lin yuansheng. “It’s very simple,” said Liu Yuyao. “He was so distracted by too much stimulation. As long as there’s something to comfort him, he’ll get better.” Lin yuansheng nodded and said, “You have a point, but what can comfort him?” Liu Yuyao said, “In those days, when the three swordsmen of Qian and Kun were wandering in Jianghu, the three brothers were so affectionate and righteous, so imposing, and so respected. Within a few years, he was the only one left, and the two adopted brothers all died tragically, especially the elder Bai, who died at the hands of his disciples. Didn’t that make him sad?” “Now the only way to save him is to marry Sister Ziyan immediately, so that he can know that although his two adopted brothers are dead, they have left behind their descendants, and that his nephews and nieces have grown up and have a happy home. Naturally, his heart is greatly comforted, and his madness will gradually improve.” When Bai Ziyan heard this, she blushed with shame and could not raise her head. With a deep sigh, Lin yuansheng said, “That’s right, but the situation is tense now. Even if we don’t look for enemies, the enemies won’t allow us to live in peace. Besides, the poor family gang and the nine sects have come to this point because of me alone. Can I stand by and do nothing?” “What does your marriage have to do with the situation?” Asked Liu Yuyao? Can’t you help a poor family after you get married? “No,aluminium laminated tube,” said Lin yuansheng. “In such a situation, you could be killed at any time. Let’s talk about it later.” “Humph!” Said Liu Yuyao! I think you are obsessed by that fox spirit, and you don’t even want the wife your parents have given you. 。

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